LV has got to me....

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  1. Tonight I forced myself to take out my gucci boston anyhow it is not the same. Even though this bag costs way more than my LV's I much prefer carrying LV. I feel like I was not loyal to LV tonight. I guess from now on I am only going to purchase poor gucci collection :crybaby:
  2. Don't worry... you're not the only one...
  3. It will even out, you've just got the LV bug right now.
  4. for some reason too I miss my lv when I use my chanel tote.
  5. LOL your LVs miss u too!!
  6. i feel your pain, i find that i can't use any of my other bags besides LV............
  7. Don't worry there will be a time when you're ready to admire your Gucci's again.

    Just pretend they're on holiday resting in the sanctity of your closet.:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  8. And I thought I was the only one who thought like that.

    There's something about LV. :yes:
  9. Your poor Gucci was crying out to you! And you felt bad that you left your LV's behind! How could you! jk :Push: :crybaby:
  10. Same with me!
  11. i feel the same way sometimes.....

    do u ever feel like u wish there's a way to carry more than just one bag a day???

    maybe i just need a good excuse to do so....haha :smile:
  12. LV is my bag of choice...I wish I hadn't bought any other bags....I did not really discover LV until this forum because they do not sell them in my it like no other brand exists....

    e pin...sometimes when I go home at lunch I switch bags to rotate them and change my look...LV handbags are the glad I am not into Hermes that would so hard...but, then again I would probably only own one bag at those prices....LV style is my favorite by far....

    Glad to hear that others feel this way....maybe I do not have a bag problem afterall since many of us feel this way and love handbags...we are simply collectors of LV ...some people collect art I collect that you can carry....
  13. Are you sure it won't even out like Twink said. My hubby just gave me a gorgeous Gucci last night after coming home from a trip and I'm really in love with it. For the last year or so LV has been the majority of my purchases but not the only thing as there are so many talented designers out there torturing bagfanatics like us.

    P.S. Aren't you afraid your Guccis will get a little jelous :P
  14. Me too. Once I became exposed to LV, I sold off every other brand of bag I owned.