LV has gone Nomade Crazy

  1. I was in my local boutique today:yes: .
    And I noticed, that sooo many items have gone Nomade. A super-huge garment carrier was in Nomade, there were Alzers in Nomade and Beauty Cases aswell. I was aware of the Speedy, Keepall and Lockit, but now it seems like LV are immigrating Nomade to many more pieces.

    does anyone know if these are going to be permanent items, prices etc?
  2. They are gorgeous SA indicated they will scratch like crazy... She said you must like a "vintage" patina that will develop over time to enjoy...
  3. i saw a few alzers in the catalog that lv released earlier this year, the one with the monogam hat box on it with the vespa coming out of it , the alzers and things you saw were made to order and are $10k plus maybe even $13.
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