LV has definitely won me back...

  1. for the last year i have been addicted and i mean ADDICTED TO CHANEL. my heart didn't have any room for anything else, or i thought so. until i saw a picture of the denim cabby, that brought me back to the lv boutique in a long time and for the last couple weeks i've fallen completely head over heels in love with lv all over again. lv is so much fun, there're so many new styles and new and groovy items, and the prices are alot better than chanels. so, after a year of lusting over chanel, nothing but chanel, i think i've found my new obsession.
  2. glad you came back to the brown side, lol
  3. I'm like you too, i have been hanging around chanel reading ppl posts and was thinking of which chanel bag to get before the price hike. but after i bought my pomme agenda and also seeing the trevi today i just realise i cant just go off with chanel and leave LV behind.

    i must say the ppl in here are fabulous. i have to ban myself from here if i want to stop buying more bags.
  4. I have always been in love w/ LV until end of May this year. I experienced a problem with my purchase and when I tried to get it resolved I had some headaches. It caused so much trouble for spending so much $$ that I had sworn off LV! :wtf:

    I moved on to Balenciaga instead - after 2 BBags - the Neo Cabby also brought me back to my 1st :heart:

    :drinkup::drinks: to Louis Vuitton !!
  5. I love both, Chanel is getting outrageous with prices, I still want my White jumbo and my gst. i gave up getting my Chanel to get the neo cabby. I like Lv's prices a lot better. But I love both brands.
  6. Welcome back.:p I stick with LV, otherwise I would go crazy trying to save for all the Chanel, Dior and Gucci I would like.:push:
  7. seriously, this neo cabby bag is soo hot! it is solely to blame for my new obsession.
  8. I started off completely in LOVE with LV. I've owned too many LV bags to name and I'm down to 2 LV's (White Suhali LeFab, Damier Ribera MM). I've been bitten by the Chanel bug as well and for the most part I'm content. The prices are just raising too quickly, so I may be spending more time at LV vs. Chanel. I agree LV is fun and a heck of a lot cheaper than Chanel. I'm in love with the cabby mm as well ...
  9. when i started getting into chanel i really thought there was no turning back, i would never set my eyes on anything else other than chanel. but now, almost a year later, i've really lost my interest. lv has my full attention now. after seeing the beautiful pictures of the new nimbus, i think i will have to hunt that one down, it is sooo different and intricate. so glad have rediscovered lv again.
  10. Hey, I say there's room for Chanel and LV! lol (Then again, I'm a brand ho.) But I'm glad you have rediscovered LV!
  11. unfortunately, my wallet doesn't have room for both chanel and lv....and by the way, i have been meaning to tell you for the longest time, i absolutely love your username, it is soooo friggn cool. everytime i see a thread with you as the last poster, it always brings a smile to my face. very very cool.
  12. Glad you're back on the brown side!! I was looking at the Chanel forum yesterday looking for a black bag with silver hardware since LV didn't have one that caught my eye. Luckily, the anthracite Nimbus GM saved me from looking further since I really love this bag and it's close enough to black. LOL
  13. lol...i'm glad you were saved by the nimbus. congrats again on your new acquisition. i haven't felt ths excited over a bag for quite awhile now. i think i would be willing to give up my saleya and the neo cabby for this bag. i just think it is soo unique the way the mono are stitched into the leather and also the treatment of the leather.
  14. Thank you, takeoutbox. I actually gave up the Neo Cabby for the Nimbus --- well at least for now. LOL I did have my SA take out the black denim Neo Cabby GM since I had already looked at the PM size last month. Soooo nice!

    So whenever I get around to getting the black denim, I think I'll get the GM size instead. But back to the Nimbus --- yes, this bag is really unique and I love the black stitching of the monogram. I haven't felt this excited over a bag since.....well.....since almost 8 weeks ago when I got my silver Miroir Lockit. :nuts:
  15. Well done, welcome back! :welcome: