LV Hardware


Sep 9, 2006
Have you guys noticed the changes in your bag's hardware (metal pieces)?

My Batignolles Horizontal's hardware looked as if the pieces were tarnished, more of chipped off and the other parts "scratched". It happened 2 months after I bought it. I'm sorry I cannot post pics because I immediately returned it to the store and luckily, they've replaced it. That's when I became meticulous with my bags. Sad to say, that was also the time I realized that I should be inspecting my other bags. True enough, the same thing happened to my Manhattan GM. Only this time when i brought it to the store, the SA suggested for the bag to be left for polishing. I was thinking, the bag may be too expensive or too old to be replaced (it's 6 months older than BH). After polishing, there's no improvement =(

And this morning, I was fixing my Zippy Organizer. Again, I noticed the shiny zipper handle chipped-off. This time, the damage was more obvious. I was so disappointed to find out that the shiny part was just a mere coating. The metal wasn't "pure" at all. I brought it again to the store and they were willing to replace it. It's 4 months old. Because of disappointment, I wasn't sure which item to get (a replacement or a different one). I walked out carrying a credit note instead.

I don't want to go back to the store anymore just to complain, but I'm paying so much for goods that I expect to be of the highest quality.

Please check your bags. I need to know if it's normal for the metal pieces to "lose its appeal" or am I just overly meticulous?
It's normal for it to tarnish. My wallet's zipper part is doing the same thing after a year. I noticed it a few months back, to find out they're just gold plated.
the hardware on the speedy is even worse...they look kinda cheap to me

especially my speedy damier...i bought it from my local LV but i walked out of the store wondering if it was a fake ...HAHA

i guess LV doesn't really keep up with the quality after all... too bad.....
I just noticed the other day that the lock on my mini lin speedy is all chipped and scratched-looking. I have only carried it a few times and have a hard time believeing I am that rough on my bags! But it doesn't really bother me--it's such a small part of the overall look of the bag.
Yes, LV hardware IS pretty crappy! But I do hear good things about the new silver (or is it titanium hardware) that some new styles are coming out with (like epi and suhali).
I think LV uses 2 kinds of brass plating: one that's cheaper looking and less polished/shiny (eg. most of Mono, damier, Mini Lin) and then there's another 'quality' metal for more expensive bags (eg. MC, denim, Vernis, Suhali, LE). The latter seems a lot stronger to me.
Even so, the BH that I use for school (lotsa banging and abuse) which has the 'cheap' metal is still doing great. I don't have chips anywhere after 5 months.
tarnishing..yes..but chipping? no... i don't know what i'll do if i see the goldware chip!!!

out of all my bags and accessories..i'm the roughest with my key holder and my koala wallet...the koala's nose of course is pretty scratched.. but the key holder? not even tarnished!!
My neo speedy's hardware tarnished as soon as I took the bag out!:cursing: I am not a fan of the type of hardware they use on MC, Denim and Suhali! I much rather have the older style harsware.
That will happen especially for things like touch it almost every day, more than your bags' zippers sometimes. My cles is two months old and its zipper's gold plating has already chipped off in one spot (very tiny though) and there are numerous scratches on the key ring. I have bags that are worse, I may get the hardware replaced sometime. No worries!