LV hardware question

  1. Hi Everyone! I just got my new LV Batignolles Horizontal from Eluxury and the top clasp seems kind of flimsy to me, almost cheap. I sort of feel like if I had bought it anywhere other than Eluxury that it might be a fake. Do any of you BH owners feel the same? Does the clasp hold up fairly well to daily use? Thanks so much. I love the bag but I'm sort of panicked about how durable it's going to be.
  2. Honestly, I rarely use the top clasp, it's not all that much security to hold the bag closed and it stays in its shape without it under your arm. Enjoy the bag - it's fabulous ! :yes:
  3. I agree..I don't really use it either, unless I'm carrying a couple notebooks in it and want to keep it from falling over.
  4. I've used it a couple times on my vertical...and it's OK. But honestly...your arm provides more security!
  5. My Mom has one and never uses the clasp...and she has a similiar shaped Coach carryall, that she had to have, because it has a zipper...well...she NEVER zips it. LOL.
  6. I use the clasp, I've never had a problem with it, I know what you mean though, it's not very heavy clasp but it's really fine, it's the same clip that they use on pochettes and stuff......
  7. Oooh! That clasp, I thought you meant the hardware that attaches the handles to the bag! lol Well I don't htink it looks "cheap", it's rather shiny and glittery to me compared to other LV hardware. If you're talking about "cheap" as in functionality, then ya, it is, but that's also why the BH is one of the most affordable semi-large bags made by LV...almost everything else around this size goes for 1000$ after tax (or more).
    Most other LV hardware (eg buckles, near handles) from the monogram line do look kinda cheap in general compared to for eg, Suhali or Multicolore. They just look less shiny and "heavy duty".
  8. Thank you so much for the feedback. I really like this bag a lot. I took her out for a spin today and it does seem to stay closed without much use for the clasp anyway.