LV Hardware...... LV are you listening??!!

  1. I have a great question, why can't LV do something about their hardware, I am speaking of their goldtone hardware ? Why is it that Gucci, Fendi, and one of my favoirites, Longchamp, can? Granted LV's canvas holds up great and the bags are supposedly still handmade; however, you would think LV would have mastered a process where the gold hardware would hold up better . I have some bags that were used seldom and its the hardware that ages the bag:cursing:!!! My Longchamps' hardware looks the same the day the bag was purchased. :tup: I was glad to see LV change their hardware to silver on their EPI line, hopefully this will hold up better. Nothing is worse looking than seeing a beautiful EPI leather bag with discolored hardware! LV are you listening!! ??? !!!! :idea:
  2. Hear... hear... :yes:
  3. I haven't had this problem yet but maybe I haven't had my bags long enough. My oldest was purchased in 2005.
  4. True true..the studs on my speedy bags start to tarnish a few weeks is still ok so far..
  5. i personally like the tarnish. it goes well with the dark patina. looks like the bag has been around the world a few times :yes: but that's just me.
  6. I regret, that all Epi bags are made with silver hardware now!! That's why I hesitate to buy an other Epi bag - although I like the Epi bags most of all LV materials. I have a red Speedy with silver hardware and a Pochette Montaigne ivoire with silver hardware, but I'm not very enthusiastic about the hardware...:sad:
  7. I totally agree.....they need to update their hardware.
  8. I think on the mono speedy tarnished hardwear looks ok, but on vernis peices NO!!! I have seen my zippers on vernis peices tarnish after only a few weeks, I want the hardwear to stay shiney like the vernis. I love the epi silver hardwear, looks great.
  9. I agree.
  10. please update your hardwar LV. I have few bags which are less than a year old and the hardware is already starting to tarnish. so annoying.
  11. Yes, it's annoying for the price we pay!!
  12. When I purchased my Speedy 30 in a LV boutique, the lock that came with it was already tarnished. I called and complained and CS told me to clean it with Brasso. I would expect tarnishings in a year or so or on harsh conditions but NOT on brand new ones. I guess some people don't have issues with tarnishings but I do esp.with LV price,quality,etc. I have a Ferragamo that has been in the dustbag since '94 and the hardware has no tarnishings or any discoloration.
  13. The zipper pull on my cles looks a bit tarnished, but the chain and hook are like new. Weird, huh?
  14. I don't understand what you're saying. Does the hardware really start to look bad even on the MC speedy?
  15. Completely agree....