LV hardware.....Does yours rust too???

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  1. I've been noticing some rust on my hardware. It just doesn't have the same gold lustruos shine it used to. Do you guys experience that too?? Any suggestions on what to do? :huh:
  2. get some brasso.
  3. Yes, Brasso...I cleaned my lock and keys last weekend.It's shiny like new again..
  4. Never heard of it. Where can I get some???:huh:
  5. that's not rust, but tarnish. quite normal for brass to do that. i use plain toothpase and a damp cloth on mine.
  6. Get a silver polishing cloth, it's what my SA recommended and it does work for me. Hope that helps!
  7. No rusting or tarnishing here yet. If I used the lock on my Speedies, I bet they would've had tarnish by now.
  8. Grocery store, less than $3
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