LV Hard Luggage. Paint Stripes or Leave It Plain?

  1. i have finally aquired a mint piece of LV hard luggage. and i'm seriously considering a dual darkgreen/darkpurple stripe diagonally on one corner. do you think this adds to the piece or detracts? i'm a bit on the fence, but like the idea of personalization.. not to mention it's free.

  2. Is the striping really free? I always thought LV charged for it but that heatstamping was free.

    I think it sounds interesting.... will you also have your initials painted on the luggage?
  3. OOOO I love hard luggage!!! Can we see pics?
  4. First of all congrats. I'd say yes to painting... a love anything personalized.
  5. heatstamping is free. and having your initials painted and or two stripes in several colors in two different sizes is free for rigid LV luggage. it's on the vuitton website under services. pretty kewl.

  6. and i haven't received it yet. but i won it today.. after a very long 1+ year daily search on eBay, i FINALLY found a monogram tabor suitcase in mint condition. a smidge smaller than the cotteville 40. i will post pix when it arrives, i'm on a ban for awhile. but well worth it. 866 is getting back to me this week about which store to consult with for personalization on the item. very exciting!!

  7. I would just put my initials and keep it simple. Afraid to tire from it in the long run. Congratulations on your beautiful purchase.
  8. congrats on your piece! i say go for it!

  9. It looks nice!!!! Congrats!!! Will you actually use it for travel or will it on display in your home?
  10. I wouldn't, but if you want to, do it!
  11. well. my thinking was. as amazing as an alzer or bisten would be, i probably couldn't pick it up, and i def could not check it. i wanted the smallest suitcase possible. and this is just perfect, it's even smaller than the cotteville. it still has all the same latches and keys. another kewl thing is it has the alacantara *sp* lining, so it can dual as a treasure box. like a giant coffret tressor. but, i plan to use it as a keepsake and a carryon. i really think the stripes add personality and character.. but they stand on their own rather well 2. i'm torn. lol. but, it's a free service at anytime. so i don't really have to rush, i'm just terribly excited!!

  12. congrats, but I would leave it alone.
  13. I am NOT a fan of the painting or heatstamping. I think it takes away from the bag. What if you want to sell it later on?
  14. Have the stripes painted, big items made of Mono Canvas tend to look boring, at least to me.
  15. It's beautiful.. I've never seen these stripes, and it's hard to imagine. If you're going to keep it forever I'd take a long while of actually having it before deciding what to do.

    I like heatstamping, but where would it be done on that case? Does it go right over the canvas? How about a stamped luggage tag maybe.. but whatever, I'd definitely take a while of having it at home before doing anything permanent.

    Were I you I'd take a bunch of pics, and try using a photoshop type program to put in stripes and see how it looks. If you can do a good job you could get an idea of how it would actually look.. then make it your desktop, stare at it everyday, and see if you get tired of it. :tup:

    But congratulations on finding your Holy Grail! It's a beauty. How old is it?