LV hangtags?

  1. Do they exist? When you buy a LV (I've never bought one and am looking on Ebay) does it come with a little hangtag the same logo fabric? OR is that a SURE SIGN of a fake?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. heavens no! this much I've learned.

    fakity fake fake
  3. LVs don't come with hangtags as far as I know
  4. nooooooo steer away!! fake-o-rama! Burberry is the only brand I know of that comes with the "circular hangtag".
  5. ^^^ correctamundo!
  6. No. Beware!
  7. LVs never come with a fabric sample either, yet another sure sign of a fake.
  8. Agreed. Look at my WTS speedy pics, those are the type of paper tags that they come with.
  9. well it depends...

    a while ago the Mink Scarfs had round hangtags connected to booklets...the round ones were dark (LV shopping bag color) tages though...

    I think that is the only exception to the rule.

    seen here:
  10. From what I understand, you should stay far away from those bags.
  11. RUN!! FAST and FAR!!!

    very very very fake. always always always. as are the little string hang tags. and plastic on the handles for the most part. some elux purchases come with if you find plastic on the handles from a MPRS, it's prolly ok. otherwise, i wouldn't risk it.

    the little yellow "authenticity cards" are sure signs of fakes too.

    good luck! i've found though that for regular collection pieces it's worth saving a little longer and buying in the boutique. the extra hundred or two hundred is worth the piece of mind in my book.
  12. Very fake. No hang tags whether it's a swatch of the canvas or those little plastic round things that say LV.
  13. There are no hang tags on bags and accessories, but on LV clothing there is. HTH
  14. I thought two tags came with the bags.
  15. Two paper tags come with the bags, but they are not connected to the bag, they are inside (free floating). Does that make sense?