LV handles wrapped in plastic - Fake ?????

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  1. I have heard that one of the ways to recognize a fake LV (for example on eBay) is if the handles are wrapped in plastic.
    I have been told this by people who knows a lot about LV here in DK, that you never get a bag with handles wrapped when you make your purchase in an LV store.
    But looking around this forum, I can see that some of the pictures posted has handles wrapped in plastic - and those are new purchases.
    Can anyone help me out?

    Is this different from countries or mailorder etc...

    Please help :wtf:
  2. It depends on country. When I'm buying bags, SA's are always removing plastic covers from handles before thry show bag to me. But in some stores and I think on eluxury handles are still wrapped in handles when sold. Maybe some customers ask to leave handles in plastic cover...
  3. SA's are supposed to remove the plastic before they're sold but sometimes they're in the new stock in the back when they're purchased and haven't had the plastic removed. And eluxury almost always leaves the plastic on.
  4. Almost everything I get from Eluxury still has the plastic on the handles. Hope this helps! :yes:
  5. ^^Like Rebecca said: "SA's are supposed to remove the plastic before they're sold". You can always specify with the SA or Eluxury you would like the original protective plastic wrappings to remain on your purchases.
    I just moved and now have to rely a little on buying over the phone or online ie Eluxury which I am very disappointed as all the items I purchased had no plastic covering. Some items I received were damaged and needed to be returned. I like shopping at the boutique which gives you a better option of asking for items to remain plastic cover and of course the gift box many of us desire for storage.
  6. I read this too on a very trustwhorty swedish get-to-know-the-fakes-site but then I have a friend that bought a purse from Dublin in an LV store and she got the purse with plastic on the handles so I guess it depends. But I never got the plastic on my handles when I'm purchasing from LV in Copenhagen ;)
  7. yup yup!
    but plastic covered handles on eBay? not so much. i go with fake usually. then again, there are many other things to take into consideration. but if a bag is being sold new, with plastic still on it. it would prob be going for so high over retail that i would not entertain it anyway!
  8. This topic has been discussd a few times in past threads. Please try doing a search using the search feature above.
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