LV Handbag owners rich?

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  1. Just curious because I make an average salary and I bought a MC speedy. Are most of you guys wealthy or are a lot like me, save up, or pay interest to buy a LV handbag?
  2. Not wealthy at all. Usually save up for my lv's. If I were wealthy, I would have my entire wish list already!
  3. i either get bags as b/day or christmas presents
    or i buy them myself,
    i just save.
  4. Honestly, we are by no means poor. We do well and I am thankful for that. However, that doesn't mean that I just go out buying things nilly-willy and just because I can. I'm practical and I think over my purchases. It helps that I like to invest rather than spend more often than not. I've always been this way. In fact, I've only recently started to purchase LV or even consider other real high-end bags and trust me..I'm a little older than most on the board I believe....LOL. It took me a while to come around to the idea of spending a lot on a handbag. I used to limit the costs of my bags to 300 dollars or

    I don't save up for bags. I just buy the bag I want when I want it but I am sensible...I place a limit on the amount I will pay for a bag usually. I've also placed a limit on the amount of 'high-end' bags I will purchase per Also, I'm very picky when it comes to bags and won't just buy any bag for the sake of buying a bag. I pay cash for my bags also. I don't believe in purchasing them with credit. Paying in cash helps to keep purchases in perspective.
  5. I'm not rich at all but I make very decent money and only have myself to support which allows me to splurge on bags every on in a while.
  6. sheesh, am I the only one that is amazed by this question? Why don't you just come out and ask how much people make and how many times a week they have sex while you're at it, lol.

    I would never in a million years announce on a public forum if I was wealthy, that's kind of dangerous imo.
  7. I don't save up for an LV bag/accessories, but I certainly limit myself to 1 big purchase per year plus smaller items. I try to handle my money wisely in other aspects in that I hardly go to hairdressers (love to keep my hair long; just needs a trim once in a while), paint my own nails, and save up the majority of my income for the future so that I can invest that properly. But I do enjoy treating myself once in a while, it just has to be in proportion with what I have. :yes:
  8. We are just okay and I definitely have to save up before I can make big purchases. If not, like Texas Girl said, I wont even have long list of wish list :smile:
  9. Hi!
    Please do a search, as you can imagine, this is asked at least once/week here.
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