LV handbag as a xmas gift - returns

  1. hi,
    I am interested in getting a Damier for my Mom for xmas.
    There are 2 that I am looking at for her, but what if she does not like? Ipanema PM or Rift (anyone have). Mom likes straps.

    how are returns handled for holiday season, special gift receipts? Store credit?

    I am one of these people who likes:rolleyes: to get the shopping done early early.
  2. I don't have either one as I enjoy large bags. But I looked at both on E-luxury and I think I would prefer the Ipanema PM. Do you know if your mom likes larger or smaller bags? Personally, if my child bought me such a gift, I would love that bag forever. The thoughtfulness and generosity would make that bag my very favorite. You can't go wrong with either choice, to be honest, and from a mom's point of view. I have teenage children who have bought me things through the years that are considerably less expensive but I cherish them! So, go for what you like!
  3. Unfortunately, the LV boutiques have a 14 day return policy. I would call to see if they handle it differently for the holiday season.
  4. I prefer the Ipanema. If you buy through eluxury, you have 60 days to return.
  5. I know that eLuxury has a 60-day return policy, whereas the boutique only have a 14-days return and 30-days exchange policy. But not so sure if they'll have any restriction for holiday returns. :s
  6. I have the Ipanema PM! I like it because of the long shoulder strap..can wear it across the body easily too. It's not a common bag and it's very classy-looking. I have a longer wallet that fits in vertically and there is room for your essentials, but not extra room. Would not recommend it for someone who carries her "whole life" with her!
    A beautiful and thoughtful gift that subtly says "I have a daughter with good taste!"
  7. i vote for Ipanema PM
  8. Ipanema pm.
  9. ipanema pm for ur mom...if it was for u i'd say damier rift..