[LV] Guess What I got? .. and why will follow...

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    I'm currently on a diet. Not only a fashion diet, but dieting in every sense of the word. I'm trying to play the part of a "starving student" at least untill christmas. The reason behind this is that I'm saving a bit for a Bi-G purchase, but I also wanted to spend less in general just to see how much I can save for myself in a couple of months, kind of like a test of my own will power. I think these things are fun from time to time. ^_^

    However, this week has gotten me really miserable. I've been tired. I can't sleep well partly due to my room-mate and partly due to his stuff! :cursing: Still I kept doing my diet scheme and it got me a little too tired I guess. I needed just a little something to cheer me up. :s...... story continues below...
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    So maybe you can guess now what it is that made me go from :hysteric:to:yahoo:? It's amazing, and frankly a little disturbing how little material things can get you up on a bad day.
  3. Let's see!!
  4. Ohhh show us show us!!
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    [FONT=&quot]Today I saw the new (?) URSULA lunettes de soleil on the web and fell in love. I've now come to accept that I'll never get my evidences so I decided to pop by the store to check these sunnies out! I'm dying for a new pair, I even thought of getting some dior ones marked down! :shrugs:[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

    Alas, when I got to the store the URSULAs did not fit me at ALL! They made me look like cat woman, and I'm neither catty (or so I like to think) nor a woman. However, after receiving some good news at the store and generally needing new sunnies, I decided to settle for these... [/FONT]
  6. what are they...what are they!!!!!
  7. Je vous presente Obsession Carré Miel Claire:


  8. Congratulations on your beautiful stylish sunnies !!!!!!!
  9. [​IMG]

    body shot...
  10. congrats! they are sweet, I LoVe Voss water too...
  11. Uh ohhhhhhh ;) Beautiful!

    Love the sunnies
  12. Oh la la, j'adore !!!
  13. love them! Congrats :smile:

    Also, sexy water bottle you got ;)
  14. oooh, congrats :biggrin:!!!
  15. Those are hot sunnies!