LV, GUCCI, CHANEL in Australia?

  1. hi. im going to Melbourne and Sydney, Australia on September 1 and im just wondering are the LV,Gucci and Chanel cheap there? I don't actually remember because the last time i've been to Australia was around 4 years ago.. Like how much is your Mono canvas speedy 30 in US$ though i already have one.. i just want to compare the prices here in Manila. :smile: thanks!!:heart:
  2. I have found with LV if you take the US price (off of eluxury) and multiply it by about 1.4 - it will give you a pretty good estimate of what the Australian price will be (in Australian dollars).
  3. LV prices are usually a couple of hundred dollars more expensive here in Australia when compared to the US. Gucci and Prada also tend to be slightly more expensive than the US. I can't really speak in terms of exact figures, all i know is that Australia is always more expensive than the US when it comes to European and north american labels. But i've got no idea how that compares to the prices in Manila.
  4. Hi im from sydney, yeah LV items tend to be more expencive but with your good dollar it will, be slightly more expencive (plus you get 9% tax back for any item over $300 (au)) the best shops in sydeny are in Castlereight street (lv, Gucci, tiffanys, cartier, chanel, feragammo, Jenson, Bvlgari versace the current Hermes store which might have relocated by september but its only around the corner) Burberry has just opened on Pit street Escarda, hugo boss and armani exchange is also there, at martin place there is Prada and Armani further down. Most of them cannt be missed, chack out DJ's and Myer as well (david jones our equvalent of Barneys or Saks, Myer is not as good but still has some great stuff) there are 2 dj buildings the one between Elizabeth and Castleright St. is the Ladies building (on the ground level there are also a small prada, burberry, fendi and Bvlgari stores there) if you're in for some serious spending check out the 7th level of DJs it has some beautiful things
  5. jlhinbrisvegas and that chloe is mine, thanks for the info.:smile:

    naughtymanolo, now i know where to go shopping when i get there. thanks so much! :smile:
  6. Thanks Trish. I would've never thought it would be that much more in the PI!
  7. mssmelanie, no problem!:smile: LV is more expensive here in the Philippines if you compare it to US price.