LV greatness...

  1. Tell me everyone...
    What makes LV so special compared to all the other competitiors out there?
    What makes LV so great? Why would u buy LV or any other brand?

    Great for my market research project...

    Your friendly neighbourhood SA. :supacool:
  2. It's in the history. Not that other brands do not have histories... but... LV is different. It's just unique. And what attracts me to it most is that it's got lots of evergreen products which have stood the test of time, unlike some of the other brands with only seasonal stuff.
  3. i like how it never goes on sale and I LOVE the different lines!!!
  4. I like LV because of the quality/crafstmanship. I would not buy any other brand because none of the other brands have a variety like LV, IMHO.
  5. iono...i just like it... but im swaying over to marc jacobs...:wtf:
  6. It's exclusive and the quality is wonderful. Also, there's just something that appeals to me in the way they look and their history and iconic status.
  7. Durability and attention to detail.
  8. durability.. test of time.. timeless, classic styles.. never goes on sale.. rare limited editions.. and rare collaborations with great artists.

    like a ferrari. or zonda. mm.
  9. I like the durability, the fact it never goes on sale, the fact that lv has been and will continue to be around for years to come and also the variability, I can choose different bags for different moods.
  10. hey!

    I think Louis Vuitton is brilliant in the way that it has positioned itself in the luxury goods market. The house has made their brand accessible, while still maintaining exclusivity, which is no easy feat. This conflicting goal is achieved by offering a variety of collections, each of which has products at varying pricepoints. Essentially, we live in a day and age where, after saving up for a few months, it's possible to own a piece of LV luxury for as little as $200 (more or less). At the same time, show pieces such as the headphone bag from autumn-winter 06-07 are made in such limited quantities, and are astronomically (yet justifiably) priced, that to own one guarantees exclusivity. Furthermore, there is a middle ground: seasonal collections (such as Monogram Groom) that are essentially limited edition like the show pieces, but more moderately priced.

    Louis Vuitton has democratized fashion, but at the same time, made exclusive products that much more desirable.

    brilliant, no?

    : )

  11. i love LV cos it never goes on sales.. and lots of limited edition series and most importantly the design and colour.. always so nice..
  12. LV's greatness is its durability and timeless style. Some bags I have I know I'll love for a season or two and then move on, with LV's there's something more long lasting with them.
  13. history. tradition. classic styles. its just such an institution in the most romantic city in the world~!
  14. I love LV their items are always consistently perfect!
  15. I like LV because of the quality, exclusive, never goes on sales and the history behind it.