LV Grafitti Speedy

  1. Do you think that this speedy is too young for someone that is 48 years old? Typically, I don't care for bags that have sporactic writing all over them but this bag is different and I'm drawn to it. :angel: :idea: :tender:
  2. I love it!!! I'm sure anyone can wear it!
  3. Absolutely not! I say go for it and flaunt it!
  4. Thanks, I appreciate your help.

    elongreach, what part of Maryland do you live in? I'm originally from Frederick. I now live in Myrtle Beach, SC.:girlsigh:
  5. my mom's turning 49 in september, and she's not a fan of colorful bags. but she has quite a few items from the Multicolore line.

    i know we're talking about different lines, but it just goes to show that these bags not too young (or old) for anyone.
  6. I carry a grafitti Speedy and I'm only 4 years younger than you. I say go for it!
  7. I am so happy to hear that people my age are wearing this bag because I am really loving it. Thanks everyone.:yahoo:
  8. Here is a picture of Kate Capshaw with her Graffiti speedy taken in 2001 (when the line first came out). Kate was 48 in this pic! I think she looks fantastic with it!:love: GO FOR IT!!!
    kate capshaw.jpg
  9. Thanks LV_Addict. She looks great with that bag. I hope it will look that good on me.:smile:
  10. I can relate when I think of this bag I don't like it but when I see it I feel differently....there is something really likable about it.

    Get it and enjoy it!!