LV graffiti speedy colors?

  1. I know it was made in Khaki but is the other color silver or white? any others?

  2. the white is silver I THINK
    other color is peach
  3. Silver and Peach I believe.
  4. and there is a army green color
  5. nm :P
  6. Khaki and Silver - the speedy was not done in Peach, unfortunately :sad:
  7. No peach in the speedy....only silver and khaki.
  8. silver and khaki. I have both.
  9. oooh lucky you!!

    would you say the silver is sparkley? whenever I see it photographed it looks whitish...
  10. The silver isn't sparkly at all.
  11. I love my speedy silver , I will post pics if you want guys
  12. oh mirior princess, i wanna see!
  13. Yep- silver, khaki, and dark green:
    Green Graffiti Collection.jpg
  14. Yep- silver, khaki, and dark green:Attached Thumbnails[​IMG]

    Valley - great collection of graffiti. Just curious - your pics are watermarked with "My" Are you related to Angie?
  15. haha- I wish they were mine! I just posted the pic for reference. I do want that keepall though. :angel: