LV Goods used to make something better/new!

  1. Just thought this might be a fun thread.

    With so many amazingly cute accessories and items, people must be using their LV items for things other then what they were originally designed for - i.e. bracelets and scarves as purse charms, locks as pendants etc...

    If you are please share the pics and your new creations!!! Would love to see what people are doing with their LV goods!

    And Don't forget -> Pics Please!!
  2. Unfortunately, I don't have a creative bone in my body!! Great thread though! I'd love to see some pics too!
  3. Actually one time i saw a woman at the museum of modern earth looking at some art last year and she had a necklace that was composed of just a very delicate thin silver chain and then a small bag lock on it. Looked very classy! Extremely similar to tiffany, but it was definitely LV.
  4. Thanks Traci! (BTW thanks for the Welcome too! Love this Forum!)

    I definitely don't have any originallity and sadly zero LV accessories (namely scarves and jewellery - something I'm hoping to fix this year!!!). But just to get this thread started thought I'd post a pic of something I did one day. Just to give my Damier Bucket bag a little boost one day, because I thought it was so cute (maybe I'm just crazy here though!!! :nuts:). But I teamed it with my FAVORITE Juicy charm bracelet.

    Sorry... I know it's a Juicy charm bracelet, and not LV but I just couldn't resist...

    They matched so well (in my eyes at least!). I guess you could say I used the LV Bucket Bag to make the Juicy Bracelet look even better! :lol:
  5. Wow! That's pretty cool. Can definitely see the similarity to Tiffany!
  6. I think many LV are are very versatile.