LV goodies to cheer me up from a bad week!

  1. Sorry for the long story!

    So I recently accepted a job offer that doesn't have anything to do with my degree or what I want to do as a career and it will be starting in Nov. However, just last Monday I heard back from the biotech company that I've been dying to get into for an interview. I was sooo stressed out :cursing: :wtf: and so worried about the interview b/c it was a 3 hr interview with 7 interviewers. I really thought I was going to die!!! My bf took a half day off from work to drive me to my interview b/c it's an hour away from my house and he didn't want me to lose it before i get there. So we're sitting in the car and he asked me to get the printed directions from the glove compartment for him. I open it and on top of the directions I see a brown LV box!!! I instantly knew it was the framboise agenda I've been yapping about for weeks...but I didn't know he was actually listening to the details :shame: . After opening the box and gawking at the beauty, I had forgotten all about my stress. What a sweet guy..and here i thought that he's the king of cheap!! He wears clothes with holes in the armpits, front, back, side, top, bottom, to the point where it might as well be a fishnet shirt and never buys anything expensive for himself.

    But the bummer came on Friday, when HR told me that they won't be continuing with me! :crybaby::sad: And I thought that I did well during the interview too. I was so bummed out, I went to LV and picked up the groom cles to cheer me up ...which i loveeee :yahoo:! And the good news is that when I got home, I was contacted to come to an interview for another biotech comp next week.

    And also, my peppermint cles from ebay came. It's gorgeous..but my car key doesn't fit into the key ring so I don't know whether I will use it.
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  2. LOL I just got the same agenda and I LOVE it!! Great choice and good luck with the job interview process!
  3. Sorry about your interview troubles--I hate job hunting! Your bf is a sweetheart for buying you the agenda. The agenda, plus the groom cles, should cheer you up :smile:
  4. Thanks!

    Yeah, spending all this time on the forum makes me admire and wanna get everything u guys get! I'm so freakin in love with this agenda. Now i'm trying to get refills for it. My store said they ran out of the 2006 refills too and wanted me to buy the 2007 one, but for $58 I passed. I guess i'll be visiting some asian stationary stores to see what i can find.

    Have you gotten the refill for your agenda yet?
  5. Your boyfriend's so sweet! Beautiful purchases! I love the agenda the most!
  6. WHAT A SWEET BOYFRIEND YOU HAVE. Good luck with the jobs and keep the boyfriend. he sounds like a keeper
  7. Snorks - Yeah, I hate the job hunt so much!! It's so unbearable waiting for interviews and not knowing if you'll get the job. But I'm definitely feeling better about things just looking at the cles and agenda. I still have to find refills for the agenda so that i can use it though.

    Dancing Queen - Hahha, I'm sure my bf will be happy to hear that other ppl think he's sweet...maybe that will encourage this behavior!!! I really can't wait to use the agenda.

    serengeti18 - Thanks, I'm researching on the company for my interview right now. Hopefully I'll have better luck this time! And yeah, he's definitely a keeper :smile:
  8. you have a really sweet bf!
  9. What a wonderful bf you have to take time out of work and to get you that beautiful gift! Congrats on your groom cles, it's adorable.....too bad about the peppermint cles though.:sad: Goodluck on the upcoming interview!
  10. your BF's a keeper :yes: enjoy your new LV goodies :wale:
  11. Awww job hunting is stressful, but once you find one that you love, it's all worth it in the end!!

    And your boyfriend is very very sweet!! The Framboise agenda and the Peppermint cles look :drool: too bad your car keys don't fit in there! I hate the big plastic thing on the top of my old one!
  12. Oh I love your goodies!! Glad they made you feel better :biggrin:
  13. Aww lol...congrats on the new things! LV always makes me feel better :biggrin:
  14. Your bf is a sweetie. My DH got me the same agenda this week also to cheer me up. Men sometimes pay attention at the right time, lol. Good luck on your interview.
  15. congrats, i love the groom item! :biggrin: