LV Goodies from Paris!

  1. Hey everyone! I got back from Paris last Thursday night but didn't have time to post pics right away of the stuff I purchased at Champs Elysées... Without further ado, here they are.....
    my stuff.JPG mc sneakers.JPG mc_sneakers1.JPG tambour_medium_watch.JPG watch.JPG
  2. soo cute! i love the shoes, and the watch is gorgeous
  3. wow verry nice purchases I Love everything and that's unusual...congrats...
  4. Cool purchases!
  5. last pic is the zephyr sneakers for my li'l girl... bought it in Galeries Lafayette:smile:.
    brown_denim_bandeau.JPG monogram_degrade_bandeau.JPG amarante_phone_strap1.JPG monogram_shawl1.JPG zephyr_sneakers.JPG
  6. :smile:motherland goodies! i like your cellie phone strap the most! (b/c i want one hehehhe)
  7. Nice purchases! Did you have a wonderful time?
  8. My li'l girl & I went to our local lv store here in Oslo yesterday and I got her another bag... a Damier Speedy 25:smile:.
  9. Oh those MC shoes!!!! Yum!
  10. Hizzle, latinmalemodel, cpster, honey52....thank you!
  11. Ooooh, congrats on your new goodies!! I love the Mirage bandeau!!
  12. Thanks, Kitsunegrl! Yes, I had such a great time!
  13. wow, nice! congrats!
  14. sparklemint and Lynpink... thanks!!!
  15. thanks, kimalee!