LV goldplate

  1. I love how the Montorgueil and the Bellevue have Louis Vuitton engraved into a goldplate hardware on the the bag.. its so chic. These are the only two i've seen with the plates on the bag.. Any others? If not, would they be making the shape of the Montorgueil in another line ?
    Oh, and why isnt the Montorgueil on the official LV website for a more close up view? Thanx!!
  2. the sunset blvd. has the gold plate.
  3. The Damier Berkeley and the Hampstead have a large gold plate.
  4. i think eva and sophie pochettes have the for the monty I can't really answer your questions...
    good luck hope someone helps you...
  5. Ya I've seen them.. but I liked the small goldplate of the Montorgueil and the Bellevue.
  6. wish men style have that GOLD plate..:tup:
  7. think the Montorgueil is not on the US website with pictures ,etc it will not be released in the US until March 1
  8. I too would love it if there were mens bags with a gold plate. It would look great on a damier bag!
  9. Berkeley too.

    all the antiguas have a plate too
  10. Those plates are CLASSY!
  11. i think it would look a bit more bling thus making it a bit more feminine. not too sure.
  12. my hamstead does
  13. Antigua, Riveting & Damier Hampstead have large gold plate.