LV gold rings

  1. Does anyone has LV's gold accessories? Can u post pics? I m interested in getting the gold Clous, its really pretty and pretty chunky. Anyone has pics wearing it?

    But looking at the prices, do u think they are v expensive compared to cartier and tiffany?
  2. BTW i m a petite gal. U think it will look nice on me or too loud? Thanks!
  3. i have only seen them in catalogues, sorry.
  4. its a tad chunky due to the bumps on it. I know someone on here has the white gold large empriente ring. I tried on the empriente and almost got it but I got a jacket instead. I personally do not care for gold. I have small hands and it looked just fine on me and I did imagine it with the bumps on it and it wouldnt be too much. I think you will be fine if you decide to get it.
  5. They have the actual white gold LV pendant.