LV Gold or Silver Hardware???

  1. Im about to purchase the Black Epi Speedy 30 but noticed that the hardware is SILVER and not gold as ive seen in traditional LV bags.

    Elux offers the silver hardware version.:sad:

    Im trying to locate this same model but with gold hardware...anybody know where i can look?
  2. Call the 866 number. They should be able to help you locate one. Good luck!

    I know it's personal preference, but I have black Epi Speedy with silver hardware and just adore the combo! It looks very nice!
  3. ^^ITA. LV changed over to silver hardware on the epi bags last year, but I'm sure they'res still a few floating around.
  4. i like the gold hardware better, also. sucks that they changed the hardware to silver.
  5. I love GH, it makes the bag look so classy.
  6. I love gold hardware in general, but I think the black looks great with the silver, very modern.
  7. 866 might be able to locate one for you, but I think the Black Epi looks great w/ silver hardware!
  8. i like the silver better, but look around, im sure there are some goldies out there.
  9. i think certain colors look best with gold, certain with silver. like warm tones such as red tend to look nicer with gold. cool tones such as blue or lavender tend to look nicer with silver, IMO.
  10. Silver looks more modern, a bit younger. :smile:
  11. :yes: yupyupyupyup. either way, the epi speedy is a beautiful piece that you can't go wrong with.
  12. I love the silver hardware. :heart:
  13. I think there is a bit around some wheres.