LV global shop tote Cabas GM--yay or nay

  1. Yes !!!!!!!!!!!

    Can you tell I love that bag? I just can't afford it yet. :biggrin:
  2. Ohh..thanks for the BIG YES...:love:
  3. The San Diego Horton Plaza SA has located one for me, now I just need the vote to decide whether to get it since it is last few pieces in USA>
  4. i lovei t....
  5. yay!!
  6. Pricey... but yes!!
  7. yes... in burgundy :smile:
  8. Love it!!!!!! Great tote!
  9. yes!love it!
  10. That bag is seriously cute!
  11. Cute but too pricey for me to justify a purchase on it. If you love it, go for it!
  12. It's cute, but it's quite a burden on one's wallet. I've been looking for a MM one on eBay though.. :shame:
  13. I hate to say this but yesterday I saw that bag at a store that carries counterfits and it looked extremely real. For some reason the Cruise collection is easy to was selling for $90 and also came in blue.
  14. Ohh, I fell in love with these when I saw them at an LV Christmas party here in Paris. I think they are awesome, and you should totally go for it!!
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