LV gives out authentication letter?!

  1. I think it's a letter about the key and lock? But no, I don't think they're allowed to do any written letters about if a bag is auth or not. But if the bag is auth, the price of the speedy is really cheap!
  2. It didn't look like the auction actually said what the letter was about, sounded like there was no authentication. But there was mention of replacement keys- maybe thats what the letter was about...STRANGE! Can anyone read that letter?!?!:confused1:
  3. It might just be me... but the bag looks kinda off? I could be wrong though but if the bag is fake, maybe that letter is fake too.

    I thought LV didn't give out authentication letters either. Usually when you ask for them to authenticate a bag, they don't tell you if it's real or fake, they just give you their opinion on whether or not they think it's real.
  4. um, i'm almost positive that bag is fake...its too hard to read the letter, but it may be about the lock and key...or it's just a fake letter to go along with the fake speedy. LV does not give out letters of authenticity.
  5. No, the letter is about replacement keys from what I could decipher. She even says in the auction the letter is about the replacement keys. No date code, heat stap, close up of zipper pull or rivets.

    I don't have this bag, but from other's I've seen it looks like the cherries are off. Maybe someone more experienced will drop in...
  6. LV authenticates bags in store (had to do it once for a consignment bag), but they do not give out letters. Imagine the damage that fakers could do with real LV letters!!! They don't even like to give out datecode "secrets."
  7. I know for sure that LV does NOT do any written letters of authenticating bag...
  8. It looks very off to me and the letter from "LV" makes it all look even stranger. I'm no expert, but personally I wouldn't bid on that one.
  9. Yeah it says on there that they're "happy they were able to provide replacement keys."
    It's not an authentication letter.
  10. its misleading...:tdown:
  11. yea, i agree.. kinda misleading.
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  13. ^I wouldn't trust MP anymore, and they're VERY slow.
    Carol Diva ( is a better bet and she's much faster.