LV Girl ventured out...what to do today?

  1. So I ordered the last small black marc jacobs hillier hobo from NM a few weeks ago...had put this on my list a few months back. In Toronto, there is quite a long waiting list at Holts.

    Today I find myself wondering if this a must have in my collection. I have LV and Balenciagas and am looking to get some chanels later. But is the MJ bag worth the 400$ Should I journey to the USA today (I live 2 hours from Somerset Collection) and make the return or bask in the glory of my bag?!?!?

  2. If you are questioning the purchase that is a sign that you should return it.
  3. I think I am only questioning it because of money - I am a teacher on a contract ending this week. I will be out of work for two months and I know I want to go away. If this is a great bag - I don't mind making sacrifices. I am not sure how others really feel about this bag. I am posting in the LV section because, as an LV fan, I always feel weird about buying "less than" LV bags!
  4. the hillier is one of the two most popular mbmj bags. it's a really great, easy to wear style made with the softest leather in the greatest colors. they also go on sale. maybe wait to buy one during a friends and family event? or if you're patient, the end of the season markdowns? you'll have to stay on top of the sales though. hilliers go quickly.
  5. ^^ Great advice tad. I would agree that out of all of the MbMJ bags, the Hillier is the most popular. Personally, I wouldn't pay $400 for a Hillier but I would wait it out instead for some better deals to come around especially if you're concerned about the price.
  6. If you are questioning if the quality is there for $400, I'd say absolutely. If you are questioning whether you like the bag and if it will function for you, than that's something only you can answer. Just because a bag is popular or a "must have" doesn't mean that it is going to be something that speaks to you. There's no point in carrying something that you don't like just because it is seen as the bag to have, KWIM? If you like it and it works for you I wouldn't pay much attention to what others think. HTH!
  7. :yes: i agree.
  8. Off to Florida!
  9. I third this.. or you can always go the eBay way.. just make sure to authenticate them..
  10. I have the small Hillier in black w/gold hardware, and I love it. It surprised me that I did, but it is totally my go-to bag!

    I can understand your reluctance to shell out that kind of money for another brand that seems not as high as LV, but honestly, even as a fellow LV-lvoer, I personally like diversification in my bags. It's nice to have some bags to "throw around" that can take a beating, instead of taking your LVs/Bbags everywhere.

    Agreed. I got my Hillier off eBay from a great seller.

    Great advice. Like I said, I was surprised I liked this bag so much, but it was probably because I have a hobo-void in my purse collection, which the Hillier filled! So if you're not feeling the price and the style once you get it, then it should go back. Honestly, I hope you like it, because I love mine! It's a great small-medium hobo & crossbody bag :biggrin: