LV gift story... tell me what u think... yes its true

  1. I also got my sister-law a small lockit. She was with us at the storein Vancouver (farmont hotel store) when my mom and my gf were there to do some shopping. She seemed to like the bags too but felt a little bad cause she said "I like them but I'll never be able to afford them" so I thought "thats not right"!!! she spends everything on her 3 kids and those kids are great but they eat/poop/and take a lot to keep.

    So I talked to my mom and my gf and they both said " you don't have to buy us one so you can buy her one" So we took her to the HOLT store in Pacific Center and pretented that we were looking for a bag for my gf.... little did she know she was really helping to pick her own bag...

    Anyways I was hopping she would like the speedy 25 or 30 (cause they where the cheapest) but she said that she thought the lockit was best... oh well whats another few hundred dollars...

    when it was time to pay for it I asked her to come over to the counter and sign her name in the registry of the bag... she asked why? and I said "well the bag is for you, and you need your name here in case you have a warrenty issue with the bag" she was supprised but didn't want to accept it at first cause she thought it was too much... I said "hey you've been my sister in law for 6 years... its no big deal"

    So yeah she now has a bag she never thought she would be able to own... and my gf was a good baby buy giving up hers so I could buy my sister in law one...

    besides they can always trade bags for a few weeks at a time...

    all's well that ends well is what I say...
  2. Aww that is sooo sweet of you! : )
  3. Awww... you're such a nice SIL!!!! :love:
  4. That's such a sweet story!
  5. thats so sweet!
  6. Awww! that was so nice. You will have good karma for that!
  7. Thats so sweet!!
  8. aww that's so awesome of you!
  9. You're the nicest in-law!! :heart: Doesn't it feel so good to be able to give than receive, especially when you see their big smile on their face? :nuts:
  10. That was very kind of you. Good to be able to give to those who can't afford the luxury. Good karma.
  11. that was a very nice gesture on your part!
  12. That was very nice of you!!! A very specific act of kindness!
  13. Aww that is so sweet.
  14. That is so wonderful of you.
  15. That's a great story! :heart: