LV gift for tPFers!!!!!

  1. Hi everyone!:flowers:

    As you know I received brochures and the new catalogue when I bought my damier speedy a few days ago, here's the link (it's the blue book):

    Guess what I received in the mail today? another catalogue!!!:yahoo::yahoo:So, in the spirit of sharing ;), I am happy to raffle the other one and send it to a fellow tPFer for free!

    Just list your name here until Monday, the 24th, and I'll send it to you with :heart:. It's a heavy book with more that 200 pages that contains All the models, dimensions, etc. Your own LV dictionary and reference book! Here are the pics.

    Cheers from Brazil,
    P7180581.JPG P7180582.JPG P7180583.JPG P7180584.JPG P7180585.JPG
  2. Please i'd be interested. I can pay for shipping if need be.
  3. Please, me too... =)
  4. Hi, thanks for including me!
  5. I'd love to have my name added! How sweet of you!:flowers: Thank you!
  6. Oo OOO me too!!!
  7. :flowers: Mee,please
  8. Love it!!
  9. I'm interested also!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. Please add me. I'll pay for shipping to New Zealand!
  11. Wow... thanks for sharing! I would luv to put my name in the hat! :yes:
  12. i'd loveeeeee it!
  13. Please include me. Thanks.
  14. me too. thanks vondervall. you are really sweet.

    I can pay for shipping too.
  15. Wow thanks so much for sharing!
    Please add me! I'm definitly interested!