LV gift for real estate agent - bag or accessory?

  1. hi,
    I want to get the real estate agent who is working with me to find a condo in the nyc area a gift.

    Certainly she will receive commission from the complex where i am buying, but I want to get her a little something.

    How much do I spend?
    Any RealEstate agents here?
    I was thinking a mini-pouchette accessory, or do I go for a wallet, zippy or what?

  2. i think something small would suffice. perhaps a nice card holder for her business cards - in black epi or something you know she would like? i don't think a huge gift is necessary but rather something small to show you care. :biggrin:
  3. I think a small accessory would be appropriate --- how about the LVOE bandeau? I like Nakolulu's idea of the card holder for business cards, too. It's really sweet of you to do this for your real estate agent. She's really going to appreciate you. Good luck!
  4. ^^ agree! a card holder would be nice :smile:
  5. I would also choose a small accessory....
  6. I'd get maybe an Inclusion Speedy keyring or a card holder.
  7. Thats so sweet of you to get your Real Estate agent something!! I agree a card holder (there is a beautiful red epi one) would be really nice or a nice bandeau she can wear to work!
  8. That mighty kind of you to think of your real estate agent! A business card holder would be nice. A small agenda would also be nice. I don't know the retail, but you could also look into a Poche Documents.
  9. A cardholder or cles would be a wonderful gift!
  10. Yes a small accessory such as a card holder would be nice
  11. great, so an accessory it is!!
    Thanks all, I want to be appreciative, offer her recognition, and be appropriate.
  12. a small accessorie, but not too cutesy. i like the idea of epi, as an earlier poster suggested..sophisticated and understated.

    what a thoughtful client you are. you'll be at the top of her list for future transactions.

    congrats on your new home
  13. Something small. We took our real estate agent to a nice dinner.

    Frankly, we felt the fact that he made about 40K on the sale of our home and the purchase of our new home was sufficient.
  14. I suggest a monogram business card holder or a bandeau.
  15. thats is very nice of you but it is their job to help you...