LV Gift Cards...

  1. Has anyone ever bought a giftcard for someone from LV? Do they expire? My problem is that my mom's birthday is next weekend and I'm away at school. I can't really get to the store unless I somehow manage to leave school earlier than I'm supposed to. Does anyone know if I can order a GC thought 866 Vuitton? Thanks!
  2. i have no idea....but if there were lv giftcards, thats all i would want for my birthday and christmas!
  3. Haha. I know they exist, but I don't know anything about them and when I went to the store last week I forgot to ask. :shame:
  4. They do indeed have gift certificates. I think they expire one year from the purchase date. I am not sure whether 866 sells them, but you can call your local boutique by your mom and you can order it with a credit card and have it shipped to your mom. I've done something similar before.
  5. Ok, thank you!
  6. oh wow! i didn't even know they HAD G/G's!!!

    that is all i will ever ask for again!
  7. Hahaha! Same With Me! Lol
  8. iheartvuitton~do you have anything in mind for your mom? If you do, you can probably charge send to her :smile: It's GC are great, but it'd be better if she receive the actual thing, JIMO :smile:
  9. I'd get her the actual thing if I knew what she wanted. I figured I'd leave it up to her since she's always changing her mind.
  10. I know! I wish I received them instead of gift cards to stores I don't shop at! Everyone knows I love LV!
  11. The answer to my own question is no, they don't do it throught 866 Vuitton and they don't do it over the phone. I didn't ask for my SA when calling the store but oh well. I guess I'm going to have to find a way to get to the store before next Saturday being 200 miles away.

    Oh and they're called "Gift Certificates," not "Gift Cards." "We're a little bit old fashioned," the 866 rep said. !!!
  12. Except in states, like CA, where it is illegal for gift certificates to expire...go CA.
  13. Lucky! I know Nordstrom takes gift certificates no matter how old they are!
  14. Ooh, I didn't even know LV had gift certificates!
  15. You should try to contact your SA directly. Lots of rules at Vuitton can be bended if you are friendly with your SA.