LV Gift Card?

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  1. Do they make gift cards? For my 16th birthday I'm going to ask my Mom for a gift card.
  2. hmmmmm interesting....i seriously don't know.....but I don't htink so ........
  3. maybe ask for a gift card for a department store that carries LV?
  4. If you are in the US you could get a gift certificate to elux.
  5. Yes, they have a gift certificate. I paid for my mini lin with one (before they came out) and they just placed it on the bag. I wound up getting it early anyway but you get the idea.

    Elux also has gift cards.
  6. Gift certificates can be purchased from an LV boutique. I received one that was purchased @ LV in Manhasset, NY. It was good for 1 year from the purchase date & I ended up getting the Pochette Marelle (love it :yes: ).
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