LV gets Simpsonized

  1. Not sure if this has been posted yet. Went to pick up my blue speedy inclusion today and my SA shows me this cool cliiping from this months Harpers Bazaar. The Simpsons are shown in LV ready-to-wear at a show while Marc Jacobs walks the runway. Too cute!

  2. That is toooooo cool!!!
  3. Very cute! I love their take on the bilowwy hats. Homer looks very suave.
  4. Too cute!!
  5. OMGGG I love this! I have to show this to my boyfriend; he loves The Simpsons its his favorite show, and while he doesnt hate LV he doesnt particularly like it! This will convince him hehe:smile:
  6. Totally loving it! My husband loves Homer Simpson almost as much as I love my LV's. We went to see the movie & were probably the only people without kids in tow. :greengrin: Can't w8 to show him.
  7. ^^ Yah, my SA was showing my DH and his eyes were rolling! Love it!
  8. This was posted not too long ago. There's also the first page of the spread that shows Homer lugging a stack of LV trunks behind him.
  9. OMG love it!!
  10. I love it
  11. soooooo funny i want to see the one with homer with the LV trunks...
  12. I bought that issue of Bazaar just for that Simpsons spread! I wanted to show it to my bf cuz he's a big Simpsons fan and he likes designer stuff but thinks I'm crazy regardless.
  13. i've bought this Bazaar. the Simpson spread is a amazing.(i like the Chanel part the most..)

    the latest pic of Marc Jacob showed that he got a tattoo of his 'Simpsons' self on his left! [not soo cool to me..] =p
  14. OMG so cool.
  15. Sorry off topic but Armcandyluvr your weight loss is amazing. Congratulations!!!