LV Georges BB

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  1. This pretty bag was released about a year ago, and I just snagged the mono in rose poudre/black. So gorgeous, functional and carries everything I had in the empreinte pochette metis. Something about the contrasting stripes against mono takes it from casual to dressy in this cute boxy carry all.
    Please join in and share if you also love the bag or are carrying this bag!

    *Mods, I wasn't able to post in the clubhouse so if permitted, please relocate. thank you!

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  2. I love that bag and I’m waiting it’s arrival in France in empreinte leather.
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  3. Can you wear her crossbody?
  4. I tried it crossbody in the boutique and it carried too high, I could probably use the Pochette Métis strap for a more comfortable fit.
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  5. I’ve carried my crossbody with the adjustable bandouliere mono strap.
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  6. OMG! I just saw this thread! I´m looking for infos for exact this bag :nuts::heart:.

    I loooove the colour combo and my heart says I should get the black/rose colour. But my head is thinking that the blue/red one is way more durable. LV.NYC can you desribe me the pink colour? It looks very light on the pictures.
  7. I am really considering this bag because everything that you said was spot on when it comes to being functional. Especially that I am looking for an on the go bag but can be dressy at the same time too. Like it as well because its not too big yet I have enough room to put my sunnies, small purse, hand sanitiser, keys and a lippie, which are like my “no go” items. I would like to ask your opinion though on those stripes at the middle. Do you find that it would go mostly on your outfits?
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  8. I find it to be a very versatile bag. It works when I’m in jeans since monogram makes it an every day bag. The velvet stripes elevate the look easily for when you need to be a little more dressy. The shape screams classy. I really enjoy the Georges BB. Hardest part was deciding between the sizes.
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  9. It’s a light pink. If you are familiar with LV the pink resembles rose poudre, and rose ballerine. Neutral light, and a very pretty pink.
  10. Thanks so much for your reply. I just have one more question tho. Do you find yourself being “extra” protective of the bag because the pink stripe on it might get dirty? Mum of 3 here, and sometimes I would just put my bag anywhere when duty calls. Not being careful or concious enough where i placed my bag at times.
  11. Not really. I don’t baby my things but I am also mindful not to place them near anything that might soil my purse. I’m a mom of 5 so I understand your concern. I tend to be more careful with light colored empreinte leather because of color transfer. If the velvet will be something you worry about I would consider the Montaigne BB instead.
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  12. 1F5934D6-EE9B-4E68-AB77-30B23C2C2350.jpeg
    Appreciate all your input. Just got home with it
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  13. Mom of 5! salute!
  14. Thanks for answering!!!
  15. Congratulation to this WONDERFUL BAG!!!!! :loveeyes:
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