LV "geekiness" to go to the store today...

  1., I have been feeling kind of blah about LV...:wtf: ...I know horrors

    ....but today is going to be nice day here and I am finally getting a chance to use my pampellone for the first time today :smile: So I am excited to use it :yahoo: FINALLY!, I am going to the store for the first time in looking forward to seeing the ivorie and dental and just looking around. I talked to my SA yesterday for about 20 minutes and she said she had so much to show me! :graucho: I still have my $600.00 gift certificate to spend, plus I 'might' (still haven't 100% decided) to return the lexington, so I feel like a have about 1300 of 'free' money. :wlae:

    I want to remember to remind her I was the first person to tell her about the miroir lockit, and see what she has heard. (She is the waitlist specialist)

    Does anyone else get 'geeky' and excited about going to the store?
  2. o:huh:O have fun shopping! I get geeky excited too! LOL
  3. good luckk

    cant wait to see pics :drool:
  4. twinkle.tink - you are so cute! I get excited too, I can't wait to look around and see what might be hidden around the store - kinda like an easter egg hunt. And every time I've gone in for the past several months I've said "If there is a waitlist for the miroir lockit I want to be on it" to my SA. I'm sure she thinks I'm crazy by now.
  5. No, felt that way wHEN i WENT TO THE LAS vEGAS FORUM SHOPS LV IN November-so MUCH TO SEE.
    please please tell me about the ivory epi's -I AM DYING FOR ONE!!!!!!!
  6. Geek chic, you would NOT be talking about the Indigo lexington, would you??? If so, you better let us know, so we call all mad rush to the from one chic geek to another...:heart: :p :heart:
  7. LOL, I am talking about the Lexington Indigo....after that searching and! I think the hunt was part of the thrill, I love it, it's just so darn small.
  8. Have fun! Buy lots of goodies! :devil:
  9. I returned my Lexington too - that zipper just killed me. Too small. :sad:

    I got pretty geeky a couple weeks ago on the phone with the SA when she found the one and only pochette I wanted. I felt so lucky and was practically babbling with excitement. After I hung up I felt kind of silly, but she sent me the *sweetest* note with my pretty little bag, telling me how happy she was for me, and how lucky I was. She made me feel much better about my enthusiasm. :smile:
  10. yea, i do.
    and i love that my sa geeks out with me. shes so good!
  11. LV "geekiness" :roflmfao: .... too funny!

    I know exactly what you mean beacause I get like that too. :rolleyes:
  12. haha...cute entry. i usually scour through all the internet stuff before i make my trip to the LV store. if only i studied this hard in school and put this much effort into work. i get so giddy when i'm driving there and then walking to the store itself. it's like a big event for me or something. so for me, it's not just geekiness but giddiness. :girlsigh:
  13. I get SO excited about the store!!

    O when you ask her about the Lockit, PLEASE tell me what she says! I really wanna know!
  14. You have just mede me realize I too can paroove LV in a few weeks, have to catch a flight (LV is 1.5 hours away) your geekiness is catching! I am going to tell DH today we are stopping by before heading to the hotel. Have fun!:yes: