LV furniture?????? Has anyone seen that?????????

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  1. well thats very different, dont think i would own it. Kool idea though, looks rather sophisticated in the right home
  2. They used to advertise on's not actual LV though, they're just using material that looks like it.
  3. Is that authentic Versace Home ? Or just greatly replicated ? Kimora Lee Simmons has the exact same Versace bed. She bought it from the Versace Estate though not from a website.
  4. NASTY copyright infringement. Even worse than chinese fakes IMO. :yucky:
  5. Not a fan, over the top and fakes are fakes whether it is furniture or bags IMO.
  6. No. Way.
  7. Tacky!
  8. I would LOVE a louis vuitton sofa in MY house haha
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  10. Actually the duffel that Kimora has was a special order piece, it's much longer and larger than any that you could buy at the time. The stool is actual LV canvas used from one of her old pieces that was torn during a trip.
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  12. maybe paris hilton nid it for her home:p
  13. hmm no it's like rappers trying to make lv walpaper their homes with LV canvas...
  14. I find it even more disturbing that they call themselves eluxuryinternationalgroup, which can easily be confused with eluxury and fool people into believing that it's real or somehow affiliated with them..