lv from eluxury

  1. i received my lv speedy 35 from e luxury yesterday and i noticed that the thread is out from the stiching of the inside pocket.
    it made me upset to see something like that.
    this is not the first time it happened with items i received from e luxury. in the past i had to have my wallet and key holder repaired just after 2 two days.
    i never had this happen with items bought out of the store.
    i am also disappointed to see such quality of work from an authentic item.
    any opinions on this?
    lv4.jpg lv3.jpg flv2.jpg flv.jpg
  2. Not good, i'd contact elux and request a shipping label and send it back.
  3. Exactly what you should do. :yes:
  4. I'd definitly return it good luck!
  5. I agree with Bag Fetish. Contact Elux for a return merchandise FedEx label due to damage goods.
  6. i called them earlier. they ordered a new one for me. i paid for it again and i am waiting for them to email me a label for fedex. i was looking forward to wear my bag tomorrow i am so disappointed in quality. i expect this of a fake bag but not authentic one.
  7. That sucks. I hope the next one is perfect. Let us know.
  8. Oh no, that's horrible, I'm sorry... My first LV was from Elux and was not perfect either. I ended up going to a boutique for an exchange.
    Hope the next one is perfect and please post pics!!
  9. We just had an issue with stitching on a pochette from eLuxury, so I know your pain.

    I agree, the quality should be exceptional on a real LV. I was very disappointed.
  10. Oh no! I'd return it ASAP!
  11. Wow, how did that make it past quality control?
  12. i would return it and never buy from them again...a lot of people have problems with their bag when purchased thru them
  13. Um...

    Sorry to hear that, actually it seems that LV has problem with quality lately.

    Hope everything will work out for you..:flowers:
  14. A boutique will exchange an eLux item?? Really?
  15. How annoying! I hope that your next one is perfect (as it should be)!