LV fringed handbag charm is here :) LOL

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  1. Not exactly...

    Well I 've been busy this afternoon making this handbag charm. It's inspired by fringed bag. I received knock off LV bracelet last year from a friend of mine and couldn't wear it:shame: .It's been in my jewerly box and don't know what to do with it till now. I use the hook from one of pochette accessoire strap I don't need.

    It's been busy but I kinda like it..what do you think..
    DSC04759vernis.JPG speedy25a.JPG charm1.JPG charm2.JPG damier1.JPG damier2.JPG speedy25b.JPG
  2. I like it!!!!
  3. Wow, you're very creative! I wish I could think of things like that.
  4. i think it looks great with all the bags! it's really cute! :yes:
  5. I Love It :nuts:
  6. that is soo cute!
  7. what a cute bag charm! I love it!
  8. bagsnbags: GORGEOUS PATINA ON THE MONO SPEEDY. BEAUTIFUL BEYOND BELIEF, im hoping my speedy will turn out like that in a year or two. ^_^

    love the new charm, adds a SPICE to the purse :smile:
  9. Thanks ladies!!
  10. Hi sophia..glad to have you back..hows your trip?? any new goodies??
  11. oh my, the trip was awesome, and i fell in love with beverly hills this summer. gah i miss it so much. well i got 1000 bucks but no new bags, cant put my finger on what i want. ^_^
  12. i LOVE it, it looks fabulous with the damier speedy!!! Im gonna make myself one of these~
  13. I LOVE IT!!! it makes the speedy pop!

    i believe you have inspired me. My sister and I make bracelets. earrings and necklaces out of swarovski crystals. It actually funded my damier speedy. I never thought to make a little handbag charm with them. I'll try this weekend and let you know how it turns out. Thanks BagsnBags!!!!!
  14. Creative :yes:

    Can we put our orders in *lol*

  15. VERY CUTE!!!:tender: