LV frequent shoppers help!

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  1. Ok, so for my birthday I am going on a shopping spree with a lota lota money. I am thinking of getting a speedy 30 and a bagitnolles horizontal while I'm there. I just want some advice about the bagitnolles. Everytime you want to get into it do you have to open the buckles on the side as well as unhucking the clip inside? or am I just being stupid lol. Also, in terms of keepalls, is the shoulder strap version really necessary or is it better to save the extra hundred (ish) pounds and get the carry by hand one. And one last thing, sorry i'm a pain, if I bought a luggage tag would the large speedy be sufficient as a keepall or would it sag too much as it doesn't have the support straps around it? Thanks!
  2. i can only answer your bh question since i own one. you don't need to unbuckle the sides. just the middle clip and sometimes not even that if you can reach into the sides for a small item. good luck and have a fun shopping spree!
  3. Thanks, i'm sure it should be fun, can't wait hehe.
  4. The batignolles is so very easy to get in & out of & is such a pretty bag!
    Have a great time shopping!
  5. Well looks like i'll def be getting that one then!
  6. Do you mean the speedy 30 as a keepall??

    I have the speedy 40 as a bag - which at a tight squeeze I could maybe use as an overnight bag - but I would have to be very minimal. I can not imagine using smaller as a keepall unless you travel very light.

    Hope that may help.x
  7. It was the 40 I was thinking of, mainly as a carry on bag for an airoplane.
  8. I'm not sure about carry on sizing issues but I have just compared my speedy 40 and keepall 45. For luggage, I prefer the keepall as the extra size does make it just that bit more versatile.

    Best thing to do of course is just to compare both in store to see which suits your needs. Have a great time shopping!!
  9. I would definetly get a shoulder strap on that KEEPALL. :yes:
  10. thanks for ya help guys. I can't wait to go shopping just over 3 weeks to wait eek!!! Does anybody know if the Manchester, exchange square boutique usually has the speedys and keepalls in stock. Oh and the bagitnolles horizontal?
  11. Usually have in stock but to save any disappointment call 0161 8280400. This is a general Vuitton number and they are happy to do a stock check for items at a particular store. x
  12. I agree in regards to the sholder strap for the keepall- happy early bday. You are going to have alot of fun shopping!
  13. I have a keepall 55 with a strap and one without a strap and it is definitely easier with the strap.
  14. I do not own a keepall, but from reading this forum, I am under the impression that it is much prerferred to have a strap, as the bag does get quite heavy. I would recommend trying everything out at the boutique to determine what suits your needs. Good luck and Happy early bday!!
  15. Have fun, Happy Birthday :smile: