LV French Purse or MJ Zip Clutch - Which would you choose and why?

  1. French Purse:
    MJ Zip Clutch (not sure which color yet):
  2. Wow...that's a hard one. I've had the same LV wallet for about 4 years now and I love it. But if I had to changed wallets I would get the MJ ZC hands down. I'd say to get the ZC only because the leather is gorgeous! I love the quilted ones too. But I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either one.
  3. I'd go w/ the MJ Zip Clutch b/c it's roomier (it can fit a lot of stuff) and it can double as a clutch. I see the LV as more of just a wallet. Plus the MJ's come in so many cool colors and not as many people have them as the mono LV's.
  4. To me, these are two really different wallets -- and you could own both for different uses.

    The Marc Jacobs wallet is clunky and heavy. It would weigh your handbag down. It is good, however, for use as a clutch.

    I have a LV French Purse Monogram -- and I love its small size. It fits into all my purses. Whereas the MJ clutch doesn't.

    I think the French purse is a great all around wallet. Very versatile. I get a lot of pleasure using it. Whereas the MJ is really a better clutch. I like the way the MJ looks -- but I'm not sure I'd want to be in and out of it 20 times a day. Just a bit toooo big.

    So, as I own the LV French Purse, now I plan to buy a Mark Jacobs Clutch. See, you really DO need both!
  5. I love the ZC for the pocket at the back.
  6. Zip clutch.

    1. Logo-less
    2. Leather
    3. Better design
  7. This is a tough decision. However, IMO I'd go with the MJ. It has more room and I love the pockets. It comes in a beautiful quilted red that is just TDF!
  8. zip clutch for sure....wider and can fit more sideways also can be clutch bag!
  9. I think I'd choose the LV wallet as I have a similar one. It's sleek and b/c it's coated canvas it's nearly indestructible.

    The MJ clutch is beautiful, but it wouldn't be as easy for me to take care of. I keep thinking of sticky table tops in restaurants and ink marks from the pen at the grocery store checkout.
  10. I would do the the LV mono. my french purse is close to 30 years old and still is in good condition
  11. Agreed 100%!
  12. Tough choice! I love LV wallets. My first LV was a wallet and it looks awesome!
    However, I would probably get the MJ simply because it's the more reasonably priced of the two. Many LV wallets are overpriced in my opinion. Some of the wallets cost almost as much or more than a Speedy!
  13. Zip Clutch. I have 3 and love them as much as my bags
  14. MJ Zip Clutch! I love both brands but am not crazy about the French Purse, it looks too much like an agenda IMO. Plus, the zip clutch is super practical (sooo many interior pockets, great for organizing) and gorgeous as well!