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  1. i was talking to my best friend today about how i am almost positive i am getting a speedy and she said she thought her LV had very poor quality and that the zipper broke off and if i get one i will have to be very gentle with it. i am inclined to think her LV is a fake though because i know she has fakes in other brands...and i thought LV had good quality?? is it a fragile bag?? :confused1:
  2. LV does have good quality I have never heard of a zipper breaking off a real LV bag
  3. I use my monogram canvas speedy almost everyday and I call it my "throw around" bag. I yank on the zipper and i've never had a problem with it. The thing is 5 years old, frequently used and doesn't even have a scratch on it! Very durable.
  4. That's the main thing I love about LV - it can really take a beating. I don't baby my bags at all and they hold up REALLY well!
  5. I have bags from several different designers and I find I have to baby them too much so I don't often use them. My LV's however, are very well made and I use them all regularily. I would never consider a mono speedy a fragile bag.
  6. I had my first LV for 10 years and used it just about everyday with the exception of the two times it travel to the west coast for repairs. In fact, in bad weather LV's are my go to bags because they are indestructable.
  7. Yeah I was going to say, was hers fake? I had been on another board awhile back (not TPF) and so many people were posting pics of their LVs and how they "just broke." Well all of them were fake.
    Anyway, I don't see LV as fragile at all...certain lines, yes, but the monogram canvas and damier canvas are typically the tougher bags that can withstand a lot of use.
  8. Louis VUITTON=BEYOND good quality=CLASSY=STYLE
    Hope that helps:yes:
  9. I have numerous LV bags in all different leathers and styles.. I consider LV to be the MOST durable bags of my collections (and Gucci the worst, although I have tons because they are so trendy I cannot stop buying them). LV is defintely NOT a fragile brand. If I were you I would buy one. A speedy is a staple in any girls handbag collection. :flowers:
  10. My mom thought my bag was too fragile for me since i'm still young and i dont take care of my stuff. She made me return my azur speedy 30 =( It was really nice but when i wore it i felt like i will yank off the thread or something so i guess i kinda argeed to return it as well ...
  11. it is very difficult to kill an authentic LV bag :yes:
  12. My aunt's monogram speedy is over 25 years old. She just had the vachetta replaced about a year ago, but the canvas is still rockin'!
  13. Yes, LV is the most durable brand I've ever had and I've had them all at one point in time. I mainly sold the other brands because they just don't have the quality, durability, style, etc. that LV has.
  14. i'd have to agree, hers was probably a fake if it was fragile. :yes:
  15. Real LV's are NOT fragile