LV forum is so bad for me!!!!!

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  1. Some times I go in spurts and do not visit LV sub-forum for a few weeks. You know that saying "out of sight, out of mind"? And I do not obsess or plan or wish of future LV purchases. Then I come back here for 5 minutes and read threads and see pictures of stuff I want. Must disappear for awhile as all funds are going to my ballon bleu watch in 1 month. If I dare buy anything LV, I can say farewell to my future watch purchase. Anyone else like this?
  2. I used to check every day and then I stopped for a while because of lack of funds. But I started up again recently and I've been checking in daily. And still have lack of funds :P

    BTW I'm going to the LV site now and playing with mon mono -- saw a color combination I liked in the window of a butcher shop of all places... they had that retro vintage lettering on their window LOL
  3. It's definitely hazardous to one's bank balance being on here!
  4. Me too.

    Too much info on the forum.
  5. I totally agree. Just when I think I've gotten all of the bags I want, I see some beautiful reveals and start wanting new bags. I try to stay away so I can be good and not buy too much.
  6. So true! But i am addicted! lol
  7. Yep, this place is dangerous.
  8. Lately it seems I'm already planning my next bag when one is on the way!! I'm trying to get bags I know I can use with almost all of my outfits and I try to wait a few days to see if I still want it as much. I waited a whole summer to get my first Gucci but the urge got stronger so I caved...and I know I'll be adding more to my LV wishlist. TPF really makes me want a lot of bags but it also helps me narrow down my decisions too!!
  9. LOL!! I'm a LV shopaholic already, so visiting tPF doesn't hurt me! I do get ideas about extra pieces to get... ;);)
  10. i totally agree, this forum is very dangerous!! lol.. but i love it all the same!
  11. It's so bad because it makes you want things you don't need. But, if you are going to buy LV or other designer things, it's better to be educated. Where else would you get all this information? It's saved me from buying fakes and items with quality issues. So bad but oh so good.