LV forgot to put me on the Neverfull MM waitlist...

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  1. I've been trying to get my hands on a Neverfull MM since they were released, the LV store closest to me has a waitlist and I had no luck getting one when I visited London and Paris this summer, so I called my local store and put my name on the list. This was in late July.
    Today I decided to drop by LV and find out how much longer I'll be waiting for the bag, since it's been about a month and a half and the SA I spoke to said about a month. It turns out my name was never put on the list! The girl I spoke to today said that if I'd been on the list since late July I'd gotten the bag in mid-August. I'm so p*ssed off with LV right now, as I'm facing another three-four week wait as there's still a waitlist.
  2. Im sorry this happened to you. I feel your pain! The same thing happened to me before. But no worries, the Neverfull MM will be worth the wait !
  3. I'm sorry to hear that, this sort of thing happened to my friend when she ordered a spare chain for her accordeon wallet too. The SA whom she spoke to said it would take about 2 weeks and she would call my friend when it arrived. about a week and a half later, my friend called the store to see how it went. it turned out they had no record of her order.
  4. That's horrible! I hope you get your bag soon!
  5. Oh, that would SOOOO annoy me.
    You really need to keep on top of your WL status, calling at least every week....I have inquired about my mirage noir since I was placed on the WL, and I better get mine !!!!
  6. Can't you order one off elux?
  7. What really made me mad was the fact that the SA was not willing to find a solution (i.e. put me on top of the waitlist since according to her I should've had the bag weeks ago), in fact she hardly apologized about the error. She was just like "Oh, it's just a mistake, but I'll put you on the list so in three or four weeks time you should have your bag." It's the store where I've made the majority of my LV purchases for the last couple of years, and I'm on their VIC list, as they invite me to parties and send me Christmas and birthday cards etc, so it's not like I'm some random "one shot" costumer. EDITED TO ADD: That said, it's not that I think I'm special or more important than others, but they should however be more aware of how they treat their regular costumers.

    I know I should have kept more on top of it, but I've been superbusy at work and I've a contractor installing a new kitchen and new floors in my house, so it hasn't been a top priority.

    -->Bag Fetish:
    Unfortunately I don't live in the US, so that's not an option, I'm stuck with boutique purchases.
  8. It does suck, but it will be so worth it once the bag is in your hands. :smile:
  9. Call the 1-866 number and I am sure they can find you one!
  10. The OP said she's not in the US ;)
  11. not sure where you are located, but Toronto's got tonnes of it ;p
  12. I'm so sorry that happened. It's so frustrating to wait for something then not get it because someone else dropped the ball. They should've definitely tried to make it up to you, since it was THEIR error. Can you speak explain your situation to the manager and ask to be put on top of the WL? It's not an unreasonable request & IMO that's what they should have done when they realized they forgot to put you on it in the first place. Hope you get your lovely Neverfull soon...
  13. I'm definately going to try to get a hold of the manager tomorrow. The SA wasn't helpful at all, so I do wish to make the manager aware of the situation. If I can't get a hold of her I guess I've just got to wait a few more weeks, it's just so d@mn annoying.
  14. Sorry to hear that. Yes, you should make your feedback/ complaint known to them. Hope you get your bag soon! :smile:
  15. u should feedback to them about their poor customer service.

    i am sure they have CCTV to proof that u talked to the SA and actually wrote down your details...

    they cannot deny that then...

    its their fault!