LV for the Pets! This is Adorable!

  1. Just saw this and thought of all you who have tiny loved pets, its adorable and only $270.00! Here are 3 photos:
    collar1.jpg collar2.jpg collar3.jpg
  2. Cute!... but I think it might be too heavy for my chi's neck :sad:
  3. i love it too.. but i have an italian greyhound.. probably too big for him. :tdown:

    they need to make a smaller version..
  4. That's so cute! That would be waaay too small for my 90 lbs. golden retriever!
  5. I love that , It's so cute!
  6. I'd love one of those for my English Bulldog ... but her neck is way too thick! I'd need a regular LV belt for my bullygirl!
  7. hope someone will buy it and post pics...:tup:
  8. cute but too small for my lab!

    completely off topic but Sweetpurple I absolutely love English bulldogs! :love: I plan on buying one when I move to my own appartement! (If you have a pic, please post!)

  9. :roflmfao: so true
  10. i wonder why LV doesnt have it in other sizes? i want a medium size for my doggie
  11. ^^^ Here ya go pinkgoldfish ... the first one was when she was 5 months old, second one is when she's 2.

    Sorry, southerncharm ... hope you don't mind!:flowers:
    snug purseforum.jpg bully1.jpg
  12. My dog is too fat for this. =P
  13. my pup hates things on him.. he would somehow ruin that lovely piece :lol:
  14. Aw, I like it, but my dog wouldn't be able to stand it.
  15. If they made collars to fit a Saint Bernard and a fat Lab then I would get them hah!

    cute dog SweetPurple, those are my favorites also! Sooo damn cute