LV for the gym?

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  1. Hi, what bag would you recommend for a woman to take to the gym??? Either in DAMIER or MONO. Thanks!!! :idea:

    Ps: Nothing too big, just for like water, change of clothes, towel. :flowers:
  2. Maybe the large bucket?
  3. Messanger bag??
  4. how about the Monogram Carryall?
  5. I would not take an LV bag to the gym if I had to put it in a locker while I worked out. I'm paranoid that someone would steal it.
  6. Same here!
  7. Bonjour, I use a KEEPALL 45 in mono. If you have a lot of things to put inside you can go for the EVASION BAG (with a special pouch for shoes). Florence
  8. how about a Damier Parioli?
  9. I agree with kathyrose and addictedtolv...I don't know that I'd take an LV to the gym. Unless you're 100% certain nothing will happen to it, I'd consider something else.
    But if you really want one, why not a Damier keepall?
  10. I'd choose a Damier for sure. Too many things could happen to vachetta (sweat, spilled water bottle, etc.) As for the actual bag....anything that is big enough to hold all your stuff.
  11. I would also recommend a Keepall 45. You can get a second-hand one, and not worry so much about keeping it pristine.
  12. I believe this is just a men's bag... but how about the Sac Squash?
  13. Good idea! gym bags are really going to take a beating stuffed in lockers, sweaty clothes, water bottle leaks, etc...
  14. okay now i'm really thinking...will it get stolen? i usually keep my stuff in a locker, but who knows how easy it is for someone to cut the lock off.

    i'm really thinking of the damier now, specially the sweat factor and water bottles, etc...

    thanks all for your input.