LV for the Environment?

  1. New to the Forum- you all have helped me make a decision on a new bag! Thanks!
    One of the reasons I wanted a good quality purse was to eliminate all the "throwaways" that have falling apart on me to the point that they're not even good enough for charity donation, or have become quickly outmoded. I wanted something that was worth repairing, would remain in style, and wouldn't end up as expendible landfill fodder. After looking and looking, I chose to go with LV, and selected the Damier Papillion 26 as a sensible daily purse and I'm thrilled! I have this feeling this bag will hold lots of memories and will be a joy to own. Anybody else feel like that a good quality bag is a way to be "green" and eliminate waste in such a throwaway world? Okay...does anybody feel like it's a good excuse anyway???;)
    I LVOE my little log!!!:yahoo:
  2. LOL, I think it's a great excuse! Welcome to TPF:party:
  3. Congrats! It's a very pretty bag!
  4. The only things 'green' about me and LV, is the way I feel when I see some of these gorgeous extensive collections and also the 'green' that I seem to spend on accumulating my collection, lol.

    But, good for you on being such a sensible conservationist! I wish more people thought along those lines. Welcome!
  5. Welcome to the purse forum.
  6. That's a good excuse to go 'green'! Welcome to TPF! That's a great purse that's timeless and will last forever-congrats!
  7. Welcome to tPF!! I like the way you think!!
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome!
    So I was wondering if LV was really into being green and recycling, and what happens to unusable, broken bags. Turns out, I found out that LV is REALLY info recycling when I came across....
    Sorry...had to do it.
    Hope to have a lot of fun on here!
  9. Welcome to the forum. What a beautiful choice of bags!
  10. hehe i'm definitely more "green" now after getting into luxury bags. though my "green" is in number of bags but not sure on monetary terms :p.
  11. ITA!:graucho: and Welcome to tPF :yahoo:
  12. Ohhhh congrats girl!
    Gorgeous bag, and while I never thought of my LV purchases as environmentally friendly, I sure am now hehehe
  13. Welcome to tPF and great choice of a bag! I love the Papillon!
  14. Welcome! congrats! I love damier pap 26!
  15. Congrats and welcom to the forum!

    I feel the same way too. But once you buy one purse, you'll be tempted to get more! But the plus about getting GREAT quality products is that you can pass it down through many generations to come!