LV for Straight Guys?

  1. Hey guys. I am posting this thread because i am confused as what to get myself for a little christmas gift :woohoo:. I am a straight man and i was wondering if you people thought that a bag like the monogram bequia porte-document vertical would be too femenine? Are there any other bags you would recommend under the 1500 range that you think would be good to be used for something like a messenger?
  2. Personally, I think it's ok for work but not like a bag to carry around.
  3. Messenger? What sorts of pattern are you looking for? I dont really like the monogram bequia porte-document vertical on a guy... Damier Geant is quite a nice choice for a guy umm maybe Naviglio (both ebene or azur)? or Utah or Taiga!!! They last longer IMO :biggrin: (p.s. Im a guy too)
  4. that a guy bag....well why not try out messenger GM bosphore or abbesses...
  5. Damier Messenger Melville? I like the Porte Document, but like purse_lover1988 said, it's a little more business-y. Try look at the Damier Geant line - they're very casual.
  6. If you like it, then that's all that matter IMO. How about the Bastille?
  7. Damier Geant is very nice. I just took a look at some of those. My favorites so far are probably the abesses and the Loup. Great pieces.
  8. ^^ I agree about the Loup! I've been looking at this bag.
  9. i don't think there's such a thing as a gay and a straight men's bag. any LV bag from the men's collection will only seem feminine if the guy carrying it IS feminine. if you are confident and secure about your own sexuality, this shouldn't be an issue in the first place. bags don't make men gay ;) but if you really want to assert your masculinity and demonstrate just how macho you are to the public, i wouldn't buy an LV bag. people would still connote gayness with any guy carrying LV - especially if you're not Asian - no matter how butch the LV bag is.
  10. I think if it looks good on you then go for it!
  11. totally love the porte-document bequia. i'd totally go for that one, it's so classy and great for on the go to throw stuff in it!
  12. damier naviglio or olav mm!
  13. I've heard anything Taiga is very good for men as it's very durable.
  14. I can see why you have doubts about this bag - I'm a straight guy also, and wont wear a bag that could be considered 'fem.' I, generally, don't go for the slimmer bags - which the one you're considering is - as I find they look a bit too 'purse-like' for my liking. And, every time I see a guy wearing a slim bag I find it looks a bit 'fem' on him. Also, I noticed that the shoulder strap on the Porte-Document is thin. In my opinion, this emasculates the bag, as it doesn't suggest strength. Therefore, if you already have doubts about this bag, then it might be wise to heed them.

    Might I suggest something in the Damier Geant Canvas line from LV? Perhaps, you'd be more comfortable with a Messager, Citadin, Loup, Yack, or Compagnon. I have a Messager (Earth coloured) and feel fine wearing it. You might like LV's leather bags also - I don't, personally, as I find them to be too conservative for my taste.

  15. I don't suggest buying an LV messenger, mainly due to storage. My Abbesses is very stiff and has only one large compartment to put books into. If you are looking for a great LV bag that is under 1500, I would stay with Taiga or Utah. That leather isn't as stiff as the monogram or damier. Personally, I would get another Keepall, they're worth every penny!!!!