LV for school

  1. I'm trying to decide which LV would be durable enough for school and other daily activities. My budget is around $1000. Right now I have my eye on the Lockit mono vertical, Bellevue amarante GM or Beverly GM. I'm currently leaning towards Bellevue since I'm a little uneasy with wearing big mono bag to school-- mono bag is very recognizable and I don't want to look too 'flashy'. What do you guys think? :confused1:
  2. I like the Bellevue amarante, it looks great. Amarante is a great color, but I'm not sure if it's the most practical bag for school. It might get scratched and scuffed easier than mono canvas. But the Bellevue would hold a lot and in that sense it would make a great school bag.
  3. I use the Mono's big enough for everything!
  4. I think the bellevue whether the pm or gm is a very structured bag because of its

    bottom..I think if you want to go for the vernis line the vernis brentwood is a pretty bag

    and a good size but it would make you go over the budget.. but it seems you like structured bags since your other choices are the lockit and the beverly..

    How about the Tivoli GM?:tup:
  5. baby of fashion: LOVE Tivoli GM but it's way over my budget :crybaby:. I do like structured bags, because I have a speedy 40 and am not liking the way it slouch at the bottom when you put heavy stuff in it, although I was told that you can buy the hard base in eBay.

    psulion08: does it bother you to wear mono bag to school? I feel a little uneasy if I bring my speedy 40, but maybe I'm just not used to it yet! hehe~~

    Thanks everyone for your opinions-it's going to be a long thinking process:p
  6. It doesn't bother me...because I'm a senior in college...nobody cares what you wear lol
  7. I think you would rock carrying a speedy 40 to school !!
    Go for it and love your mono canvas .. I dont think it would flashy if you can pull it off for which I think you can!
  8. i don't wear my LV to school, unless it's during finals week and i don't need to carry any books/laptop.
  9. I used mine for like a year and its a Mono Cabas Mezzo. To be honest noone at my school really cares so thats good. Atm im using my Rubnis Salina because its open top.

    If youre uneasy about the mono how about somethind damier?
  10. :smile: thanks baby of fashion!

    hawaii2484: I don't have to bring my laptop so my carry-on is usually not very many, just a notebook, folder and other daily essentials. In my school we usually have to put our bags at the front/back of the room/gym during finals, so I definitely won't bring mine for the finals! :yes:

    melopuff: wOw, congrats on the Rubis Salina! It's very pretty hehe hmm I only liked Ribera and Trevi from the damier line. The Trevi is not within my budget and the Ribera is not ideal for school, so yeah.. I'm quite picky :p
  11. i use damier, I think its great for college
  12. the bellevue GM does NOT fit in A4 documents. The length of the base is too narrow