lv for nokia cellphone

  1. hi girls...what can you suggest that i can use as a cellphone case?? i have a nokia n95...thanks in advance!!! :smile:
  2. Based on the size ( i google imaged it) i would say the ciggarette case (Twinkle.twink is useing one to hold a sidekick III) or maybe the badge.
  3. ^^ Ita!
  4. thanks so much louislovesfendi and karman :smile:
  5. Hmm... my suggestions:
    -Okapi PM
    -Pochette Tulum
  6. thanks the tulum.
  7. Yep, I am using the cigarette the case. I was using it for the sidekick 3, now I am using it for my pocket PC...fits that perfect too. I will dig up a picture of the SK for you and take a pic of my pocket pc when I get a chance.
  8. OK, here is the sidekick goes to my 18 year old son for the idea...he got one a couple of months ago, I copied him ;)



  9. The pochette tulum works well as a wristlet if you jest want you phone, some cash and cards and maybe a lipstick, I will take a pic of the too for you in a bit.

  10. LOL.. I recently got this phone as a gift from my fiancee and was wondering also what case would I use.. Thanks Mbarbi for asking the question..:yahoo:
  11. Great Idea thank to your son!!! Tink
  12. That phone is so hot, I would've gotten that one but I have a MAC, so I went with the iPhone, which is awesome!
  13. I have the Monogram cigarette case as a cell phone holder, but my sister fell in serious lust with it, so I gave it to her. I'm now planning on the Damier as a new holder, I think it's perfect.
  14. sooo torn! i love the pochette tulum and the cigarette case...:girlsigh:

    thanks so much for the pic twinkle tink :smile: do you also have the pochette tulum??