LV for Mom

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LV for Mom

  1. Bellevue GM Amarante- roomy and functional; can be worn in shoulder

  2. Bedford in Amarante- oozing in classic LV, functional and unique

  3. BRentwood in Amarante- another classic, functional and roomy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hello gals and guys. Just wanted to ask you for your opinions. My mom will be turning 54 next year (Feb. 2) and as always I plan to get her another LV for both her b-day and Mother's Day. I think waaay ahead so I can budget accordingly :smile: All off her bags are very conservative in nature and would like to suprise her with something blingy; she's also been eyeing Amarante LOL! For summer, she likes to dress in white, khaki, or bone pants or shorts and wear brightly colored sandals and blouses. Please vote and state your opinion why you voted for the particular bag. Thanks everyone :smile:
  2. Vernis would definitely be blingy - whichever colour you decide to go with. Is she more a handheld or a shoulder bag lady ?
  3. ^^She's both :smile:
  4. I voted for Brentwood. It's such a gorgeous bag, yet very functional. It could hold a ton and it's easy to get in and out of.

    I didn't vote for the Bedford because it's hard to get in and out of with the zipper in place.

    When it comes to the Bellevue GM, it's very roomy, but the shape of the bottom is throwing me off.

    Hope this helps. Oh, BTW, Amarante is such a beautiful color. You're very thoughtful. I bet your Mom is so proud of you.
  5. ita. you said exactly what i was going to say. plus, the bedford's shape is awkward imo. i think the brentwood would be more suitable for your mom's age. :]
  6. :tup:
  7. I think all 3 choices are beautiful but the shape of the Brentwood is especially sleek and classy looking. You are very sweet and thoughtful to prepare far in advance of your Mom's b-day!
  8. I initially voted for Bellevue, but then decided GM is too big, so perhaps Brentwood is a more suitable choice for your mum.
  9. I voted for the brentwood....i dont care for the shapes of the other two...
  10. I vote for brentwood for all the reasons stated.
  11. I agree with this!
  12. I say Bellevue as my own mother loves this bag.
  13. Brentwood...classy and practical
  14. Brentwood!
  15. Being close to your mom's age, I don't care for any of those. I would suggest the Melrose Avenue. It is absolutely stunning in real life and can go from daytime to evening brilliantly.