LV for men

  1. Hi guys,
    I want to know what makes you be a fan of LV creations and what are your favourite lines.
    See you.
  2. hi,

    LV is stlylish, i'm not a monogram fan but i love the LE items like the groom line.

    I'm a big fan of Dior homme and i've bought some items from Gucci.

  3. I can speak for my son who is an LV fan, husband could care

    He loves the shoes, and damier line, the best. He has monogram wallet, but he got that from DH. I had bought it for him (dh), and after not using it for 6 months son asked him if he could have it. He was jumping for joy, when DH said, replace it with just a regular leather one, and he could have it. :rolleyes: As I said, DH has no clue!

    I bought him a used panda wallet, which he getting for his birthday. I know he will love that, because he likes all that anime stuff.
  4. I like every collection LV has. I own Multicolor, I don't care if it is for women or not, I like it and it looks good on me. Love the Suhali. I LOVE EVERYTHING lol!
  5. I also love Hedi Slimane's collections but for bags and leather goods Vuitton is the best. And for ready to wear Vuitton has just hired a new designer for men collection to assist Marc Jacobs...
  6. The new Utah and Taiga stuff has been really nice, but I'll forever be faithful to monogram!
  7. What do you think of tobago line?
  8. Toooo:drool: ooobago, all LmtEd. , nomade, damier and of course monogram:drool:
  9. I like the damier, groom and monogram glace lines.
    They are masculine but also elegant.
    I don't own any of the clothes/shoes but will soon :smile:
  10. Taiga in ardoise was my first love :yes: but i collect men's runway pieces almost exclusively now. my top faves are Monogram Laser, Tobago and Ouvea ;)
  11. hmm, I like:
    -Damier/ Damier Azur
    -S/S 2005 mini mono initials
  12. My first LV was a mono glace pocket organizer, but i love the damier and taiga bags...multicolor is awesome...i just dont know if i can pull it off.

    I tend to go into LV and like EVERYTHING...i especially like a lot of the shoes...they are very different from the usual boring stuff from gucci and prada...

    i also own one and only one pair of sunglasses...and they are LV...the only ones i thought felt like they were worth the money ;)
  13. my boyfriend, not being a member of this forum just dictated this to me :P:

    "I like the quality of the leather, and the leather goods are very classy and elegant. My favorite lines are the Taiga, Damier Geant, Damier and Suhali."

    P/S: my boyfriend has a Taiga Ardoise Viktor, wallet and 6-key case, which is why he likes the Taiga line the most :lol:
  14. LV's are simple, yet contemporary in design. I think they make really good everyday luggage. The mono is a classic, I think the Damier is a little annoying to look at, IMO. The taiga line to die for, the Epi's are elegant and sophisticated, Utah's are casual and sleek.
  15. I love the mono, I'm one of the few that love mono but my all time fave line is the glace its gorgeous and unusual